Phonogram Sounds App

Use this free program on your computer, tablet, or phone. This app features clear pronunciation of the sounds of the phonograms (letters and letter combinations). Hear all 72 of the basic phonograms as taught in All About Reading and All About Spelling.

Phonogram Sounds App

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Click on a letter tile to hear the sound. (If you are on a slow internet connection there may be a slight delay. The downloaded app will not experience this delay.)


  • Click a button and hear the correct pronunciation of the phonograms (letters and letter combinations)
  • Designed to accompany All About Reading and All About Spelling
  • The button colors match the colors of our Letter Tiles to reinforce learning
  • Phonograms are arranged in logical groupings, matching the labels provided with the Letter Tiles

You, as the teacher, can learn the pronunciations quickly and accurately before teaching your student. You won’t have to wonder if you are pronouncing them correctly—now you will know for sure!

Your student can learn directly from the program. Give him several phonograms to learn at a time. After he has clicked on each phonogram several times, he will have a good idea of the sounds. Then he can test himself by hovering the mouse over the phonogram, saying the sound(s) aloud, and clicking to hear the audio. He will have instant feedback, and instant feedback means faster learning.

Phonogram Sounds FAQ

General Questions

What devices are compatible with the Phonogram Sounds app?

The Phonogram Sounds app is compatible with devices running the OS versions listed below.

  • Android 4.4 and later
  • Kindle Fire OS 4.4 and later
  • iOS 10.0 and later
  • Windows XP and later
  • macOS 10.9 and later
Is this the same app as the Letter Tiles app?

No, we have three different apps:

  • The Phonogram Sounds app is a free app that is included with our programs. Use the app to reinforce the sounds with your child as you are teaching or to learn the sounds before you teach them.
  • The Letter Sounds app is a free app for beginning learners that can be used to teach the first sound for each letter in the alphabet.
  • The Letter Tiles app is a movable tiles app that is available for purchase for use in place of the physical Letter Tiles, or on days that you want to use reading or spelling on the go. The Letter Tiles app is available for tablets only. 
What does the Phonogram Sounds app teach?

The Phonogram Sounds app demonstrates the multiple sounds for the basic phonograms that make up the majority of English words.


Why can’t I install the app?

Please check that your device is compatible with the Phonogram Sounds app.

Why can’t I hear the sounds?

Make sure your speakers are on and that the volume is turned up. Test your system sound by playing a YouTube video or something else you know has sound. If your system sound is working, but you can't hear the app sounds, please contact us at for assistance.

One of the features isn't working for me.

First, double-check that you are running the latest version of the app. If you continue to experience issues, please contact us at for assistance.

Why don’t you have Phonogram Sounds for my device?

Contact us at and let us know what device you have! We are always looking to support more of our customers. In the meantime, you can use the online demo above as a fully functioning workaround.

Other App Questions

Is something wrong with my app? We learned words with the advanced phonogram GU today, but it is not on the Phonogram Sounds app.

Great observation! The Phonogram Sounds app covers the "basic phonograms" that are used in the majority of English words. There are additional sounds and advanced phonograms that are taught in the final levels of All About Reading and All About Spelling. These are used in only a small percentage of words, and we don't want to confuse students who are in the earlier stages of learning to read. For example, we don't have younger students learn phonogram GU because beginning readers would be confused by more common words like gum and gulf. Students in the upper levels of All About Reading and All About Spelling are ready for these more advanced sounds and phonograms.

Why do you use /er/ for the sound of R?

Some sounds, like /r/, are difficult to capture on audio. Without a vowel sound before or after, they are unintelligible. We recommend that parents work with their children to ensure that the child is saying the sounds correctly. If the child is having any difficulty, you may want to demonstrate the sound in person.

Do you track data or record any of my personal information?

Absolutely not! The app installers only place the code that is required to run the app on your device. The only time we receive data of any kind is when the program checks for updates from our servers. This is only for updates. We do not receive any personally identifying information from your device.