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All About Reading Pre-reading


The All About Reading Pre-reading program is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Your student will enjoy the special games, crafts, and storytime read-alouds, and you will love the way your student effortlessly learns essential pre-reading skills.

You can choose between two packages: Basic and Deluxe. The components can be purchased individually, too, allowing you to customize your package or purchase replacement items.
Basic Package

Deluxe Package





What do I need if I’m teaching more than one student?

The Pre-reading program contains enough for teaching one student. You will need to order one Student Packet per additional student.


What will my student learn in Pre-reading?

Your student will learn five very important pre-reading skills: Print Awareness, Phonological Awareness, Letter Knowledge, Listening Comprehension, and Motivation to Read. These skills lay the foundation for learning to read. Below is a sampling in each area.
Letter Knowledge

 Learn to recognize capital letters

 Learn to recognize lowercase letters

 Learn to recite the alphabet song

Phonological Awareness

 Learn to blend sounds orally to make a word

 Learn to clap syllables

 Learn rhyming and word boundaries

 Identify the beginning and ending sounds in a word

Print Awareness

 Understand that the words on the page can be read

 Understand that books are read from cover to back, and sentences are read from left to right

Listening Comprehension

 Answer simple questions about a story

 Learn to retell a story in his own words

 Ask pertinent questions about a story

Motivation to Read

 Cultivate an enthusiasm for learning

 Instill a delight for books and reading

 Observe situations in which reading is beneficial

 Establish a desire to learn to read and write


Can I see inside the Pre-reading program?

Click on the graphics to download PDFs for each item:

Teacher's Manual

Activity Book
The Zigzag Zebra Read-Aloud Book
Lizard Lou Read-Aloud Book

Teaching multiple children? Download extra consumable components of the Pre-reading Student Packet here!

Progress Chart
Certificate of Achievement


Can I order products individually?

Sure! Here are all of the individual components of the Pre-reading program: