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Lowercase Letter Crafts Book


Product Description

Lowercase Letter Crafts features 26 colorful cut-and-paste animal crafts from A(ardvark) to Z(ebu). Each craft can be easily completed using only scissors and glue. Along with each craft, you’ll find four fun animal facts and accompanying activity ideas to reinforce important pre-reading skills. It’s 120 pages of full-color alphabet fun and the perfect way to encourage your student’s enthusiasm for learning to read!

Lowercase Letter Crafts is a supplement to the All About Reading Pre-reading program or it can be used independently of the program. Check out our Uppercase Letter Crafts book, too!

Take a Look Inside

Download sample

View our Lowercase Letter Crafts activity book sample.

Dress your creations up with everything from pipe cleaners to googly eyes, or simply cut and paste—the choice is yours! And you can discover even more fun ways to spruce up each page with activity ideas listed on the first few pages.

Discover four fun and interesting facts about each animal!

And after all the letter crafts are complete, you'll have a homemade alphabet book that your preschooler can look at again and again!

Embark on an exciting alphabet adventure with your student today!

Letter Samples

Here are some of the fun animal crafts your preschooler will complete:

A is for alligator
B is for bee
C is for crab
D is for duck
E is for elephant
F is for fish
G is for goat
H is for hippo
I is for inchworm
J is for jellyfish
K is for kargaroo
L is for lion
M is for moose
N is for narwhal
O is for octopus
P is for parror
Q is for quail
R is for raccoon
S is for snake
T is for turtle
U Is for Umbrellabird
V is for vulture
W is for worm
X is for x-ray fish
Y is for yak
Z is for zebra