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Reading Games with Ziggy the Zebra


Product Description

Reading Games with Ziggy the Zebra is a supplemental product that can be used with All About Reading Level 1. This full-color book with perforated pages features nine file-folder games that reinforce the skills taught in All About Reading Level 1. Your student will practice important concepts like blending, counting syllables, and recognizing vowels and consonants, and will have ample opportunity to review the Phonogram and Word Cards from the All About Reading program.

Please Note: Ziggy Zebra Puppet is sold separately.

Download sample

View our Reading Games with Ziggy the Zebra activity book sample.

How to Use Reading Games with Ziggy the Zebra with Level 1

The games included in Reading Games with Ziggy the Zebra are a fun way for children to review the concepts in All About Reading Level 1. The chart below outlines when each game can be used with Level 1. You can also download this chart here.

Beginning in this lesson Play this game Purpose
Lesson 1 Apples for Ziggy Recognize vowels and consonants
Lesson 2 Ziggy at the Market Practice Phonogram Cards
Lesson 4 Treasure Hunt with Ziggy Reinforce that every word has a vowel
Lesson 6 Ziggy Teaches School Practice with blending
Lesson 7 Ziggy at the Beach Practice Word Cards
Lesson 19 Caving with Ziggy Practice Phonogram and Word Cards
Lesson 33 Ziggy Rounds Up Horses Practice Phonogram and Word Cards
Lesson 44 Ziggy Plays with Penguins Practice Phonogram Cards
Lesson 50 Blast Off with Ziggy! Practice counting syllables

Take a Look Inside

Here is the "Blast Off with Ziggy" game. You simply remove the perforated game pages and paste them into your own file folder:

Blast Off with Ziggy game board

To play, choose your game piece.

Game tokens

If you need an extra player, Ziggy is always a willing participant. The Zigzag Zebra is already a familiar face to users of our pre-reading program, but if you're just meeting Ziggy for the first time, you'll soon discover that he is a young zebra who is learning to read right along with your student. He is a supportive friend for beginning readers, and he likes to have a good time as he learns. The Ziggy puppet makes an enjoyable accompaniment to this book, and is sold separately. (If you don't own our plush Ziggy puppet, don't despair! We've included a paper cutout of Ziggy in the book, and you can paste his likeness onto a file folder and prop him up to play along.)


When you are done playing, store the instructions and game pieces in the front pocket provided in the book.


Ziggy travels to each continent and practices his reading skills. Here he is teaching sheep in New Zealand how to read.


And here Ziggy goes to the beach in Cape Town, South Africa.


Other destinations include Paris, a Caribbean island, Mongolia, and the South Pole. Your child and Ziggy go to each continent and outer space, too! The book includes a map so your child can keep track of the places visited.

You can store your reading games in a file drawer, between two bookends on a book shelf, or in a plastic storage bin. Your kids will want to take them out again and again!