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All About Reading Level 2 Third Edition FAQ

aar-l2-3rded-materials-250x169.pngWe are excited to announce the newly-revised third edition of All About Reading Level 2!

Our goal is to improve our products whenever possible, which is why we're never satisfied with the status quo—especially if improving something means we can help even more students succeed in reading. We take customer feedback very seriously, and this new edition reflects that. In our perpetual quest to take the struggle out of reading, we included more teaching tips for you and more reading practice for your child.

Here's what you’ll find in the newly expanded third edition:

  • Six new lessons in the Teacher’s Manual and over 50 pages of new material
  • Nearly 100 additional pages in the activity book and 18 new activities
  • Four new fully decodable stories
Book Title Original Edition (copyright 2014 or older) Third Edition (copyright 2015 or newer)
Teacher's Manual 320 pages, 51 Lessons 376 pages, 57 Lessons
Leap into Reading activity book 304 pages, 41 activities 400 pages, 59 activities
Student Packet 260 Word Cards 292 Word Cards
What Am I? reader 176 pages, 12 stories 216 pages, 14 stories
Queen Bee reader 192 pages, 11 stories 240 pages, 13 stories

FAQs about the third edition of All About Reading Level 2

Q. Why did you release a new edition?

A. We wanted to make Level 2 better than ever! So we took some of the lessons and split them into two so that we could provide more incremental coverage of concepts. We incorporated additional practice with syllable division rules, provided deeper coverage of the Jobs of Silent E, and added over 18 new activities to reinforce concepts and improve comprehension.

Q. Is the third edition more expensive?

A. No. The pricing for the third edition will remain the same as the original edition.

Q. What does the third edition include that the previous editions don’t?

A. The third edition Teacher’s Manual includes 6 new lessons and over 50 additional pages of material. The Leap into Reading activity book has been expanded to include over 18 additional activities and nearly 100 pages of new material. The What Am I? and Queen Bee readers each contain two brand-new stories and feature expanded page counts. The Student Packet contains over 30 new Word Cards. Altogether, the third edition features over 200 pages of new material.

Q. Can I mix and match editions of the Teacher’s Manual/Student Packet/activity book/readers?

A. Yes. All of the components of the third edition (the Teacher’s Manual, the Student Packet, the Leap into Reading activity book, and the readers) have been substantially updated and expanded, but they can be used in conjunction with previous editions, and you can mix and match editions. All of the original activity sheets and stories are included in the third edition. The page numbers have changed, though, so please refer to these downloadable charts:

If you have the original Teacher's Manual and third edition activity book, click here.

If you have the original Teacher's Manual and third edition Word Cards, click here.

If you have the original Teacher's Manual and third edition readers, click here.

Here's a video illustrating the correlation process:

Q. Can I still buy the original edition activity books?

A. No, these are no longer available.

Still have questions? Contact us!

Ready to see it for yourself? Get the new All About Reading Level 2 third edition here!