Welcome to the All About Reading Level 1-4 Placement Test

This placement test consists of two parts:

Part 1 - Reading Assessment: To help determine your child’s reading ability, your student will be asked to read a series of story excerpts. The parent will be asked to assess the student’s fluency and comprehension for each excerpt. When the student is unable to read a story excerpt with fluency and comprehension, the student will then proceed with the Skills Assessment portion of the test.

Part 2 - Skills Assessment: This portion of the test will assess your child’s mastery of specific skills and will help us determine which level will be the best fit for your student.

To ensure the most appropriate placement for your student, it is important that you provide a realistic assessment of your student’s current skills and abilities. As you work through the placement test with your student, please read and follow all instructions carefully.

At the end of the test, we will make a recommendation for your student’s correct placement. If you have any questions about this recommendation, please feel free to contact us by phone at (715) 477-1976 or by email at [email protected].