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Phonogram Cards


Product Description

Phonograms play a vital role in helping children achieve success in reading and spelling.

The Phonogram Cards are designed to teach your student the letters and combination of letters that represent sounds. When your student knows the phonograms, he will have a much easier time learning to read and spell.

Printed on sturdy cardstock, these cards are perforated for easy separation. They fit nicely into a 3x5 index card box or Review Box for easy storage.

The cards are two-sided:


The front of the card shows the phonogram. This is the side you show your student.


The back of the card has helpful notes for the teacher. It shows the sound (or sounds) of the phonogram, along with a key word (or words).

Divider cards are also included for easy organization — cards that need to be reviewed, cards that your student has mastered, and cards that have not yet been presented. See the blog post How to Teach Phonograms for helpful hints on using these Phonogram Cards.

These flashcards can be used alone or in conjunction with the All About Reading and All About Spelling Letter Tiles and the Phonogram Sounds app.

Please note: If you are using the complete Levels of All About Reading or All About Spelling, these Phonogram Cards do not need to be purchased separately.