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All About Spelling Level 1 Student Packet


Product Description

ISBN: 978-1-935197-91-1

For Color Edition AAS only. Not compatible with the Black-and-White Edition Teacher's Manual or materials.

The Level 1 Student Packet contains:

  • The full-color Zip into Spelling activity book, which includes an insect-themed progress chart to track your child's progress; illustrated activity sheets, including word searches, word banks, and advanced application practice; and a bee-themed Certificate of Completion
  • 32 perforated Phonogram Cards
  • 180 perforated Word Cards
  • 8 perforated Rule Cards
  • 32 perforated Sound Cards
  • Bee-utiful Bugs stickers

The Phonogram Cards, Word Cards, Rule Cards, and Sound Cards are printed on sturdy cardstock, ready to be separated on the perforations, and the Zip into Spelling activity book features perforated pages for easy removal. The lesson plans in the Teacher's Manual clearly explain which flashcards and activity book pages will be used in each lesson, allowing you to teach spelling easily and effectively.

One Student Packet is included with the purchase of the full set of All About Spelling Level 1 Materials. If you are teaching more than one student, you will need to purchase additional Student Packets.

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