Segmenting Words

First we will test your student’s ability to segment words into sounds. In segmenting, we take the individual sounds apart and say each one separately. For example, there are three separate sounds in the word cat: /c/–/ă/–/t/.

Follow the script below to guide your student through the segmenting test.

“This is a pie. Watch as I break up the word pie. /p/—/ī/. Pie.

Working from left to right, touch or point to a circle next to the image for each sound as you say it.

“Now it's your turn. This is a knee. Break the word knee into sounds and touch a circle for each sound.”

Answer Key

“The next word is pig.”

Answer Key

“The next word is map.”

Answer Key

“The next word is tent.”

Answer Key

“The next word is flip.”

Answer Key

Was your student able to easily segment all the words above into sounds?

Yes   No