Your Student Should Begin in All About Spelling Level 1

Based on this placement test, your student would benefit the most from beginning in All About Spelling Level 1.

All About Spelling is a building block program: each level builds upon the previous one. In order to build a strong foundation, most students start with Level 1.

Your student will learn encoding skills, reliable spelling rules, and multisensory strategies for spelling, along with exciting new concepts including phonograms, consonant teams, segmenting, syllables, consonant blends, initial blends, final blends, and plurals. Phonological awareness and encoding skills are taught throughout Level 1.

If you have additional questions about spelling placement, please see our FAQs or feel free to contact us at support@allaboutlearningpress.com.

Ready to Purchase? Here's What You'll Need!

All About Spelling Level 1 Materials

Includes one Teacher's Manual and one Student Packet. You will also need a Spelling Interactive Kit.

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Spelling Review Box

This is a one time purchase (per student). Used to store and organize the All About Spelling Phonogram, Word, Sound, and Key Cards.

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Basic Spelling Interactive Kit

This is a one-time purchase (per household). Includes physical letter tiles and spelling dividers.

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Ordering for more than 1 student? Already have an Interactive Kit? See the FAQs below.

Optional Add-ons

Additional Student Packet

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Needed to teach an additional student.(Includes flashcards, tokens, and Buzzing Bee Stickers.)

Spelling Tote Bag

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Store your All About Spelling books and supplies in this sturdy tote bag.

Look Inside Level 1

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Table of Contents

Scope and Sequence

Level 1 Teacher's Manual



Do level numbers correspond to grade levels?

Since All About Spelling is mastery-based, the level numbers do not correspond to grade levels. For example, Level 1 doesn’t have to be completed in first grade. Placement for spelling is based on the student’s knowledge of spelling rules and concepts rather than grade level, reading level, or the words a student has memorized.

Why do most students start in Level 1?

All About Spelling is a building block program—each level builds upon the previous one. The rules and concepts learned in Level 1 are applied in Level 2, and then those are applied in Level 3, and so on. To prevent any gaps in knowledge, we suggest that most students start with Level 1.

How can I use Level 1 with an older student?

All About Spelling can easily be adapted for use with older students. See this blog post for useful tips on using Level 1 with older students.


What will I need if I'm teaching an additional child with this?

We recommend each student have their own Student Packet, Spelling Review Box, and SpellingDivider Cards.

I have already purchased an Interactive Kit. Do I need another?

If you have already purchased a Reading Interactive Kit, you will not need to purchase a Spelling Interactive Kit. However, you will need a set of Spelling Divider Cards.