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Motivation to Read

boy-with-colorful-books.jpgMotivation to read is just what the name implies: a child’s eagerness and willingness to read.

This skill is developed through varied and engaging reading experiences beginning at the preschool age. Children who are motivated to read will actively seek out books to enjoy, are happy sitting quietly by themselves to read, and love to share what they have read. A motivation to read means children have learned that reading can be valuable for many reasons, that it is not only interesting and entertaining, but that it can also be enlightening and informative. Having a love of reading also gives children confidence in their ability to learn and satisfaction with themselves.

Research confirms that motivation is a key factor in successful reading, and that it is linked to four important elements in a child’s life: access to books, choice of books, familiarity with words, books, and reading, and exposure to others who exhibit a love of reading. When children are motivated, they will read frequently, which in turn helps them become skillful readers. And children who are skillful readers learn well and deeply and successfully.

In ourAll About Reading Pre-reading program, we encourage a team effort to provide children with the motivation to read. Besides the many read-aloud experiences your children will enjoy in our lesson plans, we also encourage you to read aloud to your child for twenty minutes each day as part of the lesson. The program provides you with many tips to help you make read-aloud time fun and engaging for both you and your children.

Together we can provide a rich tapestry of reading experiences for your children that will foster their love of the written word and instill in them the valuable skill of motivation to read.