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How to Spell Long Vowel Sounds

How to Spell Long Vowel SoundsDid you know that there are four different ways to spell a long vowel sound?

Take a look at the overview below, and then find out how All About Spelling teaches the long vowel sounds.


1.  A vowel can be long when it is placed at the end of a syllable. In the word we, for example, the vowel e is at the end of the syllable, and it says /ē/. Take a look at the first syllable of these words:

pa per
pre vent

i tem
no ble
u ni form

The vowel is at the end of the syllable, and it is long.

2.  Silent E can make a vowel long. In the word note, the silent e at the end jumps over one consonant and makes the o long. More examples:


3.  Vowels i and o can be long before two consonants.
See these words: 


4.  A long vowel sound can be made using a vowel team. Vowel teams are two vowels that work together to make one sound. These words include some vowel teams that make long vowel sounds: 



How All About Spelling teaches words with long vowel sounds

Keeping in mind how children learn best, All About Spelling introduces one concept at a time in a practical, hands-on way. The student understands each concept and can apply it before moving on. The student is given a good number of spelling words that use the pattern being taught. For example, when learning the sound of long e spelled ee, the student spells words such as deep, tree, week, queen, three, feet, green, and need. After he can easily spell these new words, they are mixed in with previously learned spelling words with different patterns and concepts. The words are also reviewed in future lessons through dictated phrases and sentences.