Who We Are

All About Learning Press is an education curriculum company in Eagle River, WI.

To delight our customers, we take “box art” requests. The customer mentions what they’d like drawn on their box, and we do our best to fulfill it!

Here’s What You Would Do as a Box Artist

Our shipping team will put a post-it note on a box, letting you know what the customer request is. You will use our laptop to look up reference photos, and then get to work! Each drawing will take you 10-20 minutes, depending upon how simple or complex the request is.

Brief Overview of the Position

  • Five days a week M-F, year-round
  • 2 hours a day from 9am-11am
  • Pay is commensurate with experience, style, and drawing speed
  • Must be able to look at a reference photo and draw a simplified version with marker
  • You must be friendly and easy to get along with
  • You must be okay with working independently

How to Apply

  1. Email Greg Rippel at greg@allaboutlearningpress.com or call him at 715-477-1976 between 8am – 4pm.
  2. Greg will set up a time to meet.
  3. No resume is required.
  4. As part of your interview, you may be asked to draw a couple of box art requests on customer packages.
Kids with box art