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Reading Activity Bundle


Reading practice doesn't have to be boring.

All About Reading activities are fun and engaging, with minimal prep time. They provide the perfect environment for teaching your child to read with ease. We've compiled this special selection of activities from our award-winning curriculum for you to test out. You'll see why we take the struggle out of reading! Fill in the form below to get your freebies!

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 You'll receive these six downloadable PDFs in your Reading Activity Bundle:


Over Easy
Here is a fun way to practice the consonant team TH! Use a spatula to flip over each egg as you read the word!




Word Flippers for FF-LL-SS
The letters F, L, and S are often doubled after a single vowel at the end of a one-syllable word. Practice these words in a fun and interactive way with our Word Flippers.




A Flock of Ducks
Practice the sound of CK with help from a few ducks in this fun activity.


Feed the Anteater
The anteater is hungry! Feed the anteater and practice reading words from the All About Reading Level 1 program. Or, use your own review words!


Be a Lumberjack
Practice "chopping" words into syllables to decode them.



Wake Up the Sheep
Wake up these sleepy sheep! Practice words containing vowel team EE.



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